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We are seeking solicitors to join our nationwide panel of solicitors immediately. 

How it works: is a nationwide legal community founded by contentious employment & civil litigation solicitor, Tom Street. 

Our aim is to efficiently connect clients to legal experts and legal experts to clients. 

With a significant online and social media presence, via our online brands Do I Have A Case? and Tribunal Claim, and call centres with trained enquiry handlers, we invite clients to submit details of their potential claims which are then assessed assessed by a team of solicitors. Once the claim has been triaged and deemed viable, it is referred to an available panel member. 

What’s in it for you?

You get to do what you studied to do – practice law! We do all the marketing which most practising solicitors hate doing. 

Our websites are search engine optimised and updated daily, and have a growing social media community which also generates enquiries.  

We have established 24/7 call centres operating trained call handlers receiving significant numbers of new enquiries on a daily basis. 

We have developed sophisticated enquiry management and processing systems which ensure that viable enquiries are identified and referred quickly, to minimise the risk of client loss. 

In a nutshell, does all the legwork for you. We find the clients; professionally undertake initial assessment of their cases; and then pass viable cases over to you for you to pursue. In return you pay us a percentage of the award/settlement once the costs have been invoices and paid. 

Many of our clients are seeking representation on a no-win-no-fee basis, so before we refer, we ensure that such cases have sufficient merits and quantum to make such funding arrangements possible. And in return for being open minded about taking such clients on, we will refer privately paying work to you as well. 

We have potential clients who are seeking representation right now, so if you would like a steady stream of work without the hassle of finding new clients then joining could be the perfect solution for you.

To join our panel of solicitors and start representing new clients immediately please complete the online form and our founder, Tom Street will give you a call to discuss the opportunity further.

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