About Us

SolicitorNetwork.com is a nationwide legal community founded by civil litigation solicitor, Tom Street. Our aim is to connect our clients to legal experts and our legal experts to our clients. With a significant online and social media presence, via our online brands Do I Have A Case? and Tribunal Claim, and our call centres with trained call handlers, we invite claimants to bring their potential claims forward. The complaint is assessed by a qualified solicitor and if the claim is viable it is passed on to a member of our panel of solicitors to pursue the claim on the client’s behalf.

Our Solicitors

Tom has brought together a of nationwide panel solicitors who specialise in employment law, dispute resolution and civil litigation. Our solicitors are like-minded in their approach to giving quality advice and representation. This enables us to provide affordable access to justice for our clients by their willingness to pursue most cases on a no win no fee basis.

About Tom Street

Tom Street studied law at the University of Manchester. He undertook his legal practice course at the College of Law in Guildford. He then, subsequently underwent his legal training specialising in employment law and litigation, at a firm in Chancery Lane, London.

Fully qualified, he moved to a niche litigation practice in the City of London.

In 2005, Tom set up his own legal practice, Tom Street & Co Solicitors and as part of this, in accordance with his strongly held objective to provide everyone with an easy pathway and readily available access to justice he established the online portals Do I Have A Case? and Tribunal Claim. These websites are trading names of Tom Street & Co Solicitors.